Hello fellow bike riders,

I know most of you know this and are very considerate. But, I have been getting some feedback about bike riders on multi-use paths. 

Example: I heard today about some impatient and rude cyclists on the trail. A walking group with very young kids experinced both recreational and training cyclists roaring by with little concern about sharing the trail or giving two year olds time to get off to the side.  As you know this is a common complaint about bicyclists … 

So please remember, we are to pedestrians what cars are to us. Please slow down considerably when passing other users, give a friendly hello or bell ring plenty of distance back to give a heads-up and realize that some folks just don’t move fast, some don’t  hear well or whatever. Please don’t judge why someone is behaving in a way you don’t understand or agree with, give the benefit of the doubt and just go slow and give LOTS of space as you go by. (btw, this is true when passing other bike riders too!)

Now, go get on your bike, enjoy the long weekend and have FUN!

Ride on,

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