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Cycling amid the fall colors of Sonoma County

I had not planned on writing about the fall colors, until I made my monthly ride out to the Freestone Wildflower Bakery on Saturday. That is what happens here in Sonoma County. Sometimes the landscape just envelopes you and shouts “See, this is what I am talking about!” Reviewing the [...]

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Bicycling and not being afraid of the dark

Today starts the workweek with the clocks rolled back. Most of us will get home in the darkness of the five o’clock hour wondering what do with our lives frustratingly so, since it is still warm outside. Do we go to the gym and box in our world with a [...]

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Saving the world from Lance Armstrong

Some interesting news out of Greenville, South Carolina occurred this past week. It is the home of George Hincapie, who was a Lance Armstrong loyalist during the U.S. Postal glory days long before the crash and burn. George, with his brother, owns and operates a successful cycling sportswear company and [...]

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Saying farewell to Michael Torckler

Michael and Rowan Torckler Remember Michael Torckler? If his name does not jog your memory, he was the victim of a violent crash on Pine Flat Road on June 29, 2012. If you still need help, read about it here. The relevance of this story is that the [...]

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A beautifully, painful fall Shasta County day

After riding in Levi’s Gran Fondo, I had not planned on riding another big ride for some time. That changed quickly last week when several family members and friends encouraged me to participate in the Shasta Wheelman Jamboree Century held this past Saturday in Palo Cedro, which is just east [...]

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Hypothermia, heat stroke and Kamikaze squirrels

The PD reported that Saturday’s high and low temperature in Sebastopol was 100 degrees and a low of 44. I don’t know anywhere in the world that has such temperature variances on a calm clear day. For 7,000 Levi’s King Ridge Grand Fondo bike riders, this presented quite a challenge. [...]

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Is Strava ruining cycling?

Strava I am going to immediately jump in and join the Strava debate. If you don’t know what Strava is, it is the San Francisco-based social media that has swept up the cycling world in the minds of more than a few. Think Facebook for bike riders and [...]

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How the bike saved me

Bruce McConnell It was New Year’s morning 2011 when I made the decision. It is always easy to make resolutions when you step on the scale that first morning of the year, isn’t it? Here I was with a massive hangover, overweight, bad knees, bad shoulder, bad back, [...]

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Have You Raced Your Bike Yet? Check Out These Tips From NorCal’s Finest

GUEST COLUMN By TOM EDWARDS Despite the extensive negative media attention currently plaguing the cycling world, there is still the undeniable fact that as we progress through the year, thousands of people across the country are going to look at their love and dedication to the bicycle and decide to [...]

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GUEST POST: 10 tips for the GranFondo

About the author: Tom Edwards is a recent Sonoma State graduate and a Sebastopol road racer. He has ridden in the King Ridge GranFondo since 2010. "After rowing throughout school, I traded in my calloused hands for a killer jersey tan and haven't looked back. I'm passionate about all things exercise, from [...]

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