A request from City of Santa Rosa staff:

We just unveiled a bike project we completed on Montgomery Dr that I’d like to get the word out about.  It is an actuated bicycle warning beacon.  The idea is similar to the “bikes in tunnel” warning beacon, but in this case it’s to warn motorists of bikes on the road, in that narrow section of Montgomery Dr between Channel Dr and Jackson Dr.  Currently we were only able to construct one half of the project, so we only have a warning beacon for the westbound direction.  It is located just west of Spring Lake Ct and before the road narrows.  It is pretty easy to spot.  There is a bicycle symbol sign and a beacon on a street light pole and about 60 ft prior to that, a very noticeable pad located in the bike lane.  The idea is to ride over the pad.  This will activate the beacon which will go of for about 4 minutes – enough time to cover someone travelling 15 mph. 

Aside from just getting the word out, I’d like feedback.  We initially planned to install the pads and beacons for both directions, but didn’t have the money.  We plan to construct the other direction when funds become available, however if there is overwhelming negative reactions from the cycling community, we’ll save the money for another project.  Feedback can be directed to me.

Bill Ellis 

City of Santa Rosa
Quality Control Associate

Tel. (707) 543-3820 | Cell (707) 799-3949 | bellis@srcity.org

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