Want to go where your bike is welcome?

Here’s a list of events where the SCBC will be providing our free, secure, valet bike parking service! Spring/Summer of 2011, Every Wednesday Starting May 11 for 17 weeks: We’ll be back at the Santa Rosa Downtown Market! So, ride your bike there! It’s way more fun than driving. Thanks [...]

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Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition gets in gear

Repost: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Posted by Dani Burlison Cyclist Chris Jones with his son, Trevor. Photo courtesy of SCBC  After the February announcement of departure of Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition’s long term executive director Christine Culver, many Sonoma County cyclists were concerned about the  future of the organization. [...]

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Yes to Bicycles in Oakmont

Guest Article Tom Cooke, Oakmont resident Oakmont, nestled squarely in the Valley of the Moon of Sonoma County is a beautiful place to live.  Its lovely setting is enhanced by plentiful amenities and social, recreational, cultural opportunities that abound there.  There are two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, eight very [...]

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REWARD is now over $6000 Help Find the Hit-and-Run Driver

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and Levi's Gran Fondo offer reward for information leading to arrest of the hit-and-run driver.You can help! Download the pdf flyer to print and post. The community must not tolerate those who harass and injure cyclists… Let’s raise $10,000 to make sure this driver is held [...]

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Why the bleep do they (bicyclists) do that?

Dear Cyclist: Why do cyclists ride 5’ away from parked cars? -Frustrated motorist Gentle motorist, The door-swing zone next to parked cars is one of the most dangerous places cyclists can be.  People often open their doors without checking for or seeing cyclists.  The door can not only injure or [...]

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Yes on Measure W

Opponents have argued that it is not the right time to bring our vehicle registration fee back to what previously was because people are struggling to make ends meet, or that they do not wish to “subsidize” programs that in their opinion, do not directly benefit car drivers.  However, I [...]

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IN HIGH GEAR: End of the road

PD writer Bob Norberg's final words on the GranFondo. Mission accomplished?

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Secrets of the bike lane

BICYCLE WITH CONFIDENCE by Martin Clinton Secrets of the bike lane A bike lane seems like a very simple idea, but many motorists and even experienced bicycle riders are often mistaken about the rules controlling this part of the road. Let’s play a game of True or False! 1. Any [...]

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IN HIGH GEAR: Training daze

By Bob Norberg The Press Democrat Tuesday morning was the last ride before the medio fondo, an 18.6 mile trek on West Dry Creek Road and Geyserville Road, 13 mph average, 31.6 mph max, an hour and 26 minutes. I was at a slow, sightseers pace to keep my legs [...]

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IN HIGH GEAR: School of fish finding the way

More from PD reporter Bob Norberg's training dispatches: "It’s Thursday and I am riding in a comfort zone, familiar roads and familiar hills in Dry Creek and Alexander valleys, the emotional equivalent of Mrs. Kaiser’s meat loaf, gravy and mashed potatoes from my grammar school cafeteria."

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