Guest Blog

A note from SCBC Safe Routes to School staff person Sarah Hadler:

Some Bicycle Highlights in Safe Routes to School this Week

On Monday morning, I attended Park Side Elementary to award a certificate for a new bike to a lucky student who had kept track of how often he walked/rolled to school through the Safe Routes to School Frequent Walker/Rider contest.  A boy in first grade who walks to school every day won the bike and when I presented him with the certificate, he was very shy at first, but then he sat down and this huge grin spread across his face.  Remember how you felt getting your first bike?  It was awesome to witness.

On Monday evening, I went to a Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition reception for the Bike Commuter of the Year award and the Bike Team Challenge.  Geoffrey Skinner, the Bike Commuter of the Year, thanked his family and said that his son, who rides to school every day, is an inspiration to his own commuting by bicycle.

On Tuesday evening, I attended a Parent Bicycle Street Skills Class, the first in Sonoma County, I believe.  Martin Clinton, League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor taught the class at Brook Haven Middle School to a small but involved audience.  Martin was his usual articulate and knowledgeable self.  One of the moms brought her few-months old baby; it looks like we’ve now got our youngest Street Skills attendee, how apropro that his name is Levi!

On Wednesday morning, while riding into Sebastopol from Santa Rosa on a misty morning, I pass two dads and their two small daughters, who can’t be more than 6 or 7.  I ask where they’re riding to and they say to the Sebastopol Independent Charter School.  I tell them they’re great riders and wish them well.  As I am heading to Pine Crest Elementary to drop off some thank yous, I pass several more moms and dads and kids biking to school.  It makes my heart glad as we wave and smile and pedal along.  The bike racks have been looking especially full at Pine Crest for the past several weeks and I think that biking to school is alive and well in Sebastopol!

Later in the day on Wednesday, I run into Rob who works at West County Revolution and he tells me that the Park Side bike winner came in as soon as school was out on Monday to pick up his bike.  He did not waste a moment!  Rob said his grin was as big as the whole store!

I think I have the best job in the world…