Have you found the way to happiness? Or more specifically, happiness during the rainy season? I’m here to tell you that fenders are the way to happiness. Okay, it’s a stretch but I don’t think fenders get the appreciation that they deserve in the North Bay.

When I was at UC Davis, during the first rain, you could always tell who were 1st year students; they were the ones with the “freshman stripe.” Freshman stripe refers to the nasty, dirty stripe of crud you would get down your back and butt from your rear wheel spray. So easily remedied with a fender or two. Fenders truly will change your cycling life. You will embrace the rain once your bike is decked out in fenders!

FastBoy Fenders, how cool is that!

FastBoy Fenders, how cool is that!

In these modern times there are so many to choose from, check the ones in the pic to the right. They are removable and cool. Oh, now I’m heartbroken, I just checked their website and you can’t buy these fenders unless you buy one of their complete bikes. On to the next, Honjo Fenders, I have always been a fan of these hammered fenders. But the ones that I find to be easy, cheap(ish) and very functional are these ones from Planet Bike

Going for a quick errand? Skip the bulky, difficult to put-on, difficult to store rainsuit, just grab a rain cape. Fenders and a rain cape are you are set to go!

Let me know what your favorite rain defying product.