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Traffic Lights and Bikes

Guest blog by Sherry Adams and Don Costa Why some signals are unresponsive to bikes, what the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is doing about it, and how you can be a part of improving signal detection of bicycles in Sonoma County Why are many signals unresponsive to bikes? There are two basic causes: 1. The cyclist does not know the correct location to place the bicycle for maximum “recognition” (e.g. location of the sweet spot).  This is either because there… Read More »

Bad Signals

One thing just about every bike rider encounters (I almost said “runs into”) are signal lights that don’t respond to bikes. What to do? So here is the scenario; you roll up to a signal and there are no cars around to trigger the darn thing for you. You are faced with a close-to- never-ending red light. You have tried placing your wheels on the little bike stencil, you’ve placed your wheels over the wire sensor cut outs. You’ve even laid your darn… Read More »