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The spin on riding

Want to go where your bike is welcome?

Here’s a list of events where the SCBC will be providing our free, secure, valet bike parking service! Spring/Summer of 2011, Every Wednesday Starting May 11 for 17 weeks: We’ll be back at the Santa Rosa Downtown Market! So, ride your bike there! It’s way more fun than driving. Thanks to NorCal Bike Sport/The Bike Peddler for signing on as a Market sponsor to make this possible. www.srdowntownmarket.com April 30th: We Love Bikes Day at the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers… Read More »

Yes on Measure W

Opponents have argued that it is not the right time to bring our vehicle registration fee back to what previously was because people are struggling to make ends meet, or that they do not wish to “subsidize” programs that in their opinion, do not directly benefit car drivers.  However, I would argue that the opponents are wrong.  First, the midst of an economic crisis is the right time to launch initiatives that will boost our economy, create jobs, and create… Read More »

Secrets of the bike lane

BICYCLE WITH CONFIDENCE by Martin Clinton Secrets of the bike lane A bike lane seems like a very simple idea, but many motorists and even experienced bicycle riders are often mistaken about the rules controlling this part of the road. Let’s play a game of True or False! 1. Any white line at the edge of the road creates a bike lane – False A bike lane must have those words painted in the lane, or a painted bike logo,… Read More »

Don’t tell ME what to do!

Guest Blog by Martin Clinton If you think about it, most of the time drivers of trucks, autos, or bicycles are trying to GUESS what all those other road users are going to do. Usually the best guess is that someone will keep doing what they’re already doing, until they signal that something will change. They might show brake lights, turn signals, or hand signals to communicate their intention to slow, turn, or change lanes. On a bike when you’re… Read More »

Mutual Respect on the Road

Guest Blog by Jerry McKinley – I am fairly new to cycling. Before I took up cycling a few years ago I was one of those people who saw cyclist riding down the road with those colorful logo enriched outfits and spandex shorts and thought “what’s the heck’s the attraction”? At the time I never really thought about or understood the tension between cyclist and motorist until I threw a leg over a bike and went for a ride. Boy… Read More »

Bike News from the California Bicycle Coalition

Legislation   Protecting bicyclists requires tougher penalties   CBC has amended its bill to protect bicyclists and pedestrians by extending protections to all roadway users and toughening penalties. Assembly Bill 1951, authored by San Francisco Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, would turn injury-causing traffic infractions into misdemeanors and increase existing penalties. The bill is the centerpiece of CBC’s 2010 legislative agenda. Ammiano amended the bill last week after the California District Attorneys Association promised to fight an earlier version of the bill that… Read More »

You don’t pay road taxes, so…

A guest blog from: Bill Oetinger Bill is a free-lance graphic artist and illustrator (and writer). He is the Ride Director and newsletter Editor for the Santa Rosa Cycling Club as well as the Director of the Terrible Two Double Century. Bill is one of my favorite folks. He has a great deal of insight and is a long time supporter of the Sonoma County cycling scene. Check out his column at BikeCal.com . Note: this article appeared originally a… Read More »

Bad Signals

One thing just about every bike rider encounters (I almost said “runs into”) are signal lights that don’t respond to bikes. What to do? So here is the scenario; you roll up to a signal and there are no cars around to trigger the darn thing for you. You are faced with a close-to- never-ending red light. You have tried placing your wheels on the little bike stencil, you’ve placed your wheels over the wire sensor cut outs. You’ve even laid your darn… Read More »

Being “right”

I got a note from a SCBC member about bikes passing on the right. I sent a reply to him but thought it was good info for all of us to have. He wrote: the other day I almost killed/injured a cyclist.  I am a regular bike commuter and a member of SCBC. I was at a stop light in my car.  My blinker was on, and I was waiting for the light to change. When it did I went to… Read More »