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Bike Supporters Hit DC

Guest Blogger: Sarah Hadler The 10th Annual National Bike Summit was a rollicking success! Around 700 bicyclists and industry leaders gathered in Washington, DC and educated Congress to ensure that bicycling is included in national policy initiatives in the areas of transportation, climate, livability, sustainability, health and natural resources. Some highlights of the Summit included: the unveiling of the new Google bicycle maps; being addressed by longtime and passionate bicycling advocates, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) and Chairman Jim Oberstar (of the… Read More »

Bad Signals

One thing just about every bike rider encounters (I almost said “runs into”) are signal lights that don’t respond to bikes. What to do? So here is the scenario; you roll up to a signal and there are no cars around to trigger the darn thing for you. You are faced with a close-to- never-ending red light. You have tried placing your wheels on the little bike stencil, you’ve placed your wheels over the wire sensor cut outs. You’ve even laid your darn… Read More »

Being “right”

I got a note from a SCBC member about bikes passing on the right. I sent a reply to him but thought it was good info for all of us to have. He wrote: the other day I almost killed/injured a cyclist.  I am a regular bike commuter and a member of SCBC. I was at a stop light in my car.  My blinker was on, and I was waiting for the light to change. When it did I went to… Read More »