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Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition gets in gear

Repost: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | Posted by Dani Burlison Cyclist Chris Jones with his son, Trevor. Photo courtesy of SCBC  After the February announcement of departure of Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition’s long term executive director Christine Culver, many Sonoma County cyclists were concerned about the  future of the organization. Staff members say they needn’t worry. The group continues to sponsor many of the community events that came to fruition during Culver’s seven years as its head. “Our staff and… Read More »

Yes on Measure W

Opponents have argued that it is not the right time to bring our vehicle registration fee back to what previously was because people are struggling to make ends meet, or that they do not wish to “subsidize” programs that in their opinion, do not directly benefit car drivers.  However, I would argue that the opponents are wrong.  First, the midst of an economic crisis is the right time to launch initiatives that will boost our economy, create jobs, and create… Read More »

The Gutter Bunny: A Sad Story

Guest Blog: Martin Clinton Once upon a time in the woodland city of Santa Rodent there lived a rabbit who loved to ride his bicycle. But his friends called him the Gutter Bunny! Because he was afraid of cars and trucks, that’s where he rode  -  as close to the curb as possible. Riding in the gutter caused a lot of problems for the Bunny. He had a lot of punctures from the broken glass and other debris that collects… Read More »

Trail Work: N. side of Santa Rosa Creek Trail closed Sept. 13 – Oct. 1

Stream Maintenance Work to Commence in Santa Rosa Creek, Prince Memorial Greenway North side of Santa Rosa Creek Trail to be closed September 13 – October 1 (Santa Rosa, CA)  Sonoma County Water Agency work crews on September 13 will begin stream maintenance work in Santa Rosa Creek between Santa Rosa Avenue and Olive Street.  The work will include selectively thinning and removing non-native and invasive vegetation, and pruning native vegetation such as alders.  The maintenance work will improve creek… Read More »

We are to pedestrians what cars are to us

Hello fellow bike riders, I know most of you know this and are very considerate. But, I have been getting some feedback about bike riders on multi-use paths.  Example: I heard today about some impatient and rude cyclists on the trail. A walking group with very young kids experinced both recreational and training cyclists roaring by with little concern about sharing the trail or giving two year olds time to get off to the side.  As you know this is a common complaint about… Read More »

Traffic Lights and Bikes

Guest blog by Sherry Adams and Don Costa Why some signals are unresponsive to bikes, what the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is doing about it, and how you can be a part of improving signal detection of bicycles in Sonoma County Why are many signals unresponsive to bikes? There are two basic causes: 1. The cyclist does not know the correct location to place the bicycle for maximum “recognition” (e.g. location of the sweet spot).  This is either because there… Read More »

Trail Work: Joe Rodota between S. Wright Road and Sebastopol city limits

Regional Parks has been working on sections of the Joe Rodota/West County trail West of Wright Road. There are two sections that they are working on, the one from Wright Road to Merced has a detour; Chico Ave is south of  HWY 12 and the trail and  pretty much runs parallels all the way parallel to Merced. The second section is between Llano and Sebastopol City limits, the shoulders of the trail are open for use during the work. The note we recieved from… Read More »

Bicycle People, Guest Blogger Miranda Ward

Miranda is the grown child of two friends (who tucked me under their wings when I was 18 and taught me what mountain bikes were all about). What I knew before I was old enough to know anything properly was that my parents were bike people. I knew this in the hazy, indistinct way that a child understands the world: through shapes and forms and associations, and from riding in a little trailer my father had bought and hitched to the… Read More »