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Guest Blog by Jerry McKinley – I am fairly new to cycling. Before I took up cycling a few years ago I was one of those people who saw cyclist riding down the road with those colorful logo enriched outfits and spandex shorts and thought “what’s the heck’s the attraction”? At the time I never really thought about or understood the tension between cyclist and motorist until I threw a leg over a bike and went for a ride. Boy… Read More »


Great fun today watching the start of the Grasshopper in Occidental. This Grasshopper was a fundraiser for Ross Dillon. Eight years ago Ross was a young man with an amazing life stretching out in front of him; marriage, law school, bike racing. Then Ross was hit by an inattentive driver. You can read more about Ross and the important movement of bicycle advocacy at Bicycling in an article called “Broken” by David Darlington. Mr. Darlington’s well written and detailed article is unlike most magazine… Read More »


Wow! What a fantastic opportunity for a girl who loves bikes and loves to ride. I was one of those lucky kids, riding my bike all over the place. I rode to school, to friends’ houses, the store; I even had a paper route. Riding a bike back in the ’70s was just part of being a kid. I didn’t consider myself a “cyclist,” I was just a kid on a bike. That’s how lucky I was. Nowadays, many kids… Read More »