You don’t pay road taxes, so…

A guest blog from: Bill Oetinger Bill is a free-lance graphic artist and illustrator (and writer). He is the Ride Director and newsletter Editor for the Santa Rosa Cycling Club as well as the Director of the Terrible Two Double Century. Bill is one of my favorite folks. He has [...]

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Ode to Fenders

  Have you found the way to happiness? Or more specifically, happiness during the rainy season? I'm here to tell you that fenders are the way to happiness. Okay, it's a stretch but I don't think fenders get the appreciation that they deserve in the North Bay. When I was at UC [...]

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Bad Signals

One thing just about every bike rider encounters (I almost said "runs into") are signal lights that don't respond to bikes. What to do? So here is the scenario; you roll up to a signal and there are no cars around to trigger the darn thing for you. You are faced [...]

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Being “right”

I got a note from a SCBC member about bikes passing on the right. I sent a reply to him but thought it was good info for all of us to have. He wrote: the other day I almost killed/injured a cyclist.  I am a regular bike commuter and a member [...]

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Great fun today watching the start of the Grasshopper in Occidental. This Grasshopper was a fundraiser for Ross Dillon. Eight years ago Ross was a young man with an amazing life stretching out in front of him; marriage, law school, bike racing. Then Ross was hit by an inattentive driver. You can [...]

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Wow! What a fantastic opportunity for a girl who loves bikes and loves to ride. I was one of those lucky kids, riding my bike all over the place. I rode to school, to friends’ houses, the store; I even had a paper route. Riding a bike back in the [...]

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Ah, bikes and cupcakes!

Hello world indeed. Just rode my little orange "Glider" bicycle (thanks Jon!) with a couple of girlfriends to the brand new Santa Rosa Sift Cupcakery. Just opened today at 2pm (404 Mendocino Ave.). Have to say how pleased I was when the owner(?) came out to admire our bikes, they looked so right [...]

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