Highlights in Safe Routes to School

Guest Blog A note from SCBC Safe Routes to School staff person Sarah Hadler: Some Bicycle Highlights in Safe Routes to School this Week On Monday morning, I attended Park Side Elementary to award a certificate for a new bike to a lucky student who had kept track of how [...]

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French bike fun

27 years of bikes, 27 years of avoiding old French bikes. Why, oh why did I let myself get sucked into that can of worms this weekend. The purpose of this project is to put my Xtracycle back together. Previously I had used my Salsa cross bike for this, but I [...]

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PRESENTED BY 511.ORG AND KAISER PERMANENTE AND CAMELBAK May is National Bike Month, and Thursday, May 13th marks Sonoma County’s 16th annual Bike to Work Day, a celebration of bicycling as a healthy, fun and viable form of everyday transportation. “Whether you want to save money, improve your health, or [...]

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Bike Lanes Serve all

GUEST BLOG: Bike Lanes Serve all   By Yvonne Bambrick Bike lanes are a non-partisan issue because they serve all. These inexpensive pieces of infrastructure are an important component of the changing realities of urban transportation — not, as many attempt to paint them, a pet project for a small [...]

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MacGyver Bike Repair

Tips and Tricks to get you limping home Repair tips for when you are on the road and don’t have what you might need to get home.  Of course a well maintained bike is the key, don’t ignore noises or clunks they are usually telling you that something isn't right. SLASHED [...]

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Mutual Respect on the Road

Guest Blog by Jerry McKinley - I am fairly new to cycling. Before I took up cycling a few years ago I was one of those people who saw cyclist riding down the road with those colorful logo enriched outfits and spandex shorts and thought “what’s the heck’s the attraction”? [...]

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Crashes Are No Accident

That’s what the sticker on my office door says and I agree. I see and hear the word used every day: accident. We all tend to say it when we really mean “crash.” A fatality caused by a drunk or distracted driver or a cyclist riding on the wrong side [...]

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North Pacific Coast: The Cyclists’ Ally

Guest Blog by Allen Tacy When the “safety bicycle” married up with the Dunlop pneumatic tire in 1889 a transportation revolution emerged. A cycling craze swept America and Europe. Personal mobility dramatically expanded. The Bay Area, with its passion for weekend picnicking, adopted the two-wheeled wonder as its particular friend. [...]

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Bike News from the California Bicycle Coalition

Legislation   Protecting bicyclists requires tougher penalties   CBC has amended its bill to protect bicyclists and pedestrians by extending protections to all roadway users and toughening penalties. Assembly Bill 1951, authored by San Francisco Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, would turn injury-causing traffic infractions into misdemeanors and increase existing penalties. The bill [...]

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Bike Supporters Hit DC

Guest Blogger: Sarah Hadler The 10th Annual National Bike Summit was a rollicking success! Around 700 bicyclists and industry leaders gathered in Washington, DC and educated Congress to ensure that bicycling is included in national policy initiatives in the areas of transportation, climate, livability, sustainability, health and natural resources. Some highlights [...]

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