A call from the folks at Bike Monkey:

Many of you are aware of the quickly approaching event “Annadel 2010″ organized by Bike Monkey.

This two-day festival is in collaboration with State Parks, Regional Parks and the Agriculture and Open Space District. It is being kicked off Saturday by the first organized mountain bike race in Annadel in over 20 years at 9:00am. The day also includes an organized 12 mile run that starts Saturday at 9:30am and an outdoor gear festival on Sunday that is open to the public and sponsored by REI of Santa Rosa.

Bike Monkey needs some help from the general cycling populace of Sonoma County with this event, particularly on Saturday. There are currently over 30 marshal and volunteer medical assistant spots to fill.  As you are probably aware, organizing a mountain bike and running event on the same day in our beloved State Park is quite an undertaking, and we are asking for some assistance in making sure that the day unfolds flawlessly.

If you can volunteer a couple hours of your day this coming Saturday September 11th please fill out the volunteer form at http://bit.ly/brP4VU

Your support and participation is always appreciated and we’ll make it worth your while with an event T-Shirt, a meal ticket, and a cold Lagunitas draft beer if you’re of drinking age (or a non-alcoholic beverage of choice).

More Info:http://annadel.bikemonkey.net
Volunteer Sign Up: http://bit.ly/brP4VU