Regional Parks has been working on sections of the Joe Rodota/West County trail West of Wright Road.

There are two sections that they are working on, the one from Wright Road to Merced has a detour; Chico Ave is south of  HWY 12 and the trail and  pretty much runs parallels all the way parallel to Merced. The second section is between Llano and Sebastopol City limits, the shoulders of the trail are open for use during the work.

The note we recieved from Regional Parks:

Subject: West County Trail Repaving Update. I spoke with our contractor this afternoon (Wednesday). They plan to start repaving this Friday 8-6-10. The repaving work will occur between Merced Avenue and Sebastopol Road and two sections located west Llano Road. Thanks for your patience.

Kenneth Tam, Park Planner II Sonoma County Regional Parks Department 707-565-3348

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