Great fun today watching the start of the Grasshopper in Occidental. This Grasshopper was a fundraiser for Ross Dillon.

Eight years ago Ross was a young man with an amazing life stretching out in front of him; marriage, law school, bike racing. Then Ross was hit by an inattentive driver. You can read more about Ross and the important movement of bicycle advocacy at Bicycling in an article called “Broken” by David Darlington. Mr. Darlington’s well written and detailed article is unlike most magazine articles. David did months of research and took the time to do it right. His article is a 2009 National Magazine Award winner in the the Public Interest category.

I saw Ross today, his parents and his sister. Such amazing people living a life that is so different than the one they had envisioned. As John Lennon sang “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”